BLOG / NEXT - 16-04-2020

NextHood: protected and sustainable pallets.

Selene’s NextHood™ is the innovative way for producing tubular stretch hoods  that enables companies to definitively solve the problem of pallet’s protection and stability in a sustainable way  during the transport and handling phases. For NextHood™ is used in fact the PRP - Premium Recycled Polymer in the middle layer of the hood.


NextHood™: stretchable and sustainable unparalleled.

NextHood™ is the result of many years of research and development in cooperation with customers, raw material suppliers, manufactures, as well as the development of extrusion process and the continuous research of new raw materials that the SQR Laboratory carries out.

NextHood™ is in fact the result of tests and experiments aimed to guarantee a perfect protection and a good load holding by using inside the film PRP – Premium Recycled Polymer – the raw material of Selene’s  quality that adds sustainability to the product through less consuption of resources and related reduction of CO2 emissions eq. without loss of quality.

NextHood™: the revolution at three and five layers

NextHood™ is an elastic tube that drastically reduces the environmental impact without compromising the stability of load, with high tearing resistance because it is made of several overlapping layers which together guarantee absolute qualiy performances.

In the 5-layers version, two outer layers have to ensure tightness,  made of the best mLLDPE available on the market, two intermediate layers are made of selected EVA copolymers and the central sustainable layer is made of high quantity of PRP up to a total content of 20% PRP, the recycled raw material coming from the circular production process.

In the NEXTHOOD version the hood performance  is practically identical to that of the products obtained by virgin raw materials.
NextHood™: a sum of incredible advantages
- lower raw material consumption
- lower energy consumption
- maximum flexibility - single product for multiple pallet sizes
- reduction of packaging costs up to 40%
- enhancement of your brand – sustainable image

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