Technical Films

TECHNICAL FILMS are the most recent sector of SELENE. They include both the LAMINATION FILMS and the LABEL FILMS. These FILMS undergo further processing prior to final use. LAMINATION FILMS usually represent the sealing part of a complex structure (multilayer) used essentially for food packaging, and are a Raw Material  destined to be coupled with other materials to obtain high performance and transparency in a multilayer. This product is used by food packaging companies as primary packaging. The FILM for LABELS represents the plastic front that will be  coupled and laminated with a silicone-coated substrate. This forerunner of the self-adhesive label, after printing and die-cutting, will become a label ready for the end user.

Film for lamination

  • Width from 450mm up to 2000mm
  • Thickness from 28 to 200μm
  • External diameter up to 1000mm
  • Exceptional planarity for high speed performance
  • High opacity for the white versions
  • High Transparency and gloss
  • Film suitable for pasteurization and sterilization processes
  • Controlled coefficient of friction from 0.1 to 0.5 depending on the application
  • Hot-Tack setting according to need for different applications
  • Setting of the “T” sealing (SIT) according to need.
  • Soft and rigid versions for high speed vertical FFS lines
  • Anti-fog and antistatic  for specific requirements
  • PE and Universal  Peelable versions
  • High Corona treatment options also for printing without TOP COATING
  • High rigidity for a better coupling performance
  • High sealability also in presence of dust and contaminants
  • Thickness reductions guaranteeing the same performances to obtain reduced final wrapping weight

Film for labels

  • Width from 750mm up to 2600mm
  • Thickness from 60 to 150μm
  • External diameter up to 1200mm
  • Exceptional planarity for high speed performance
  • Very low concentration of gel formations
  • High opacity for the white versions
  • High Transparency and gloss
  • Matt, White and Transparent versions
  • High Corona treatment options for printed versions without TOP COATING
  • Greater rigidity allows easier coupling and higher performances
  • More meters per roll
  • Mmax adaptation of the label, useful when it should adjust to the shape of the product
  • Optimal rigidity permitting ease of dispensing
  • Die cutting in both MD and TD performed smoothly.
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